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Introducing an objective data based global cybersecurity score index

The cybersecurity perimeter of national states is defined as the collection of national websites and web services that provide necessary functions to run digital services of a state to its citizens and institutions. In order to understand the global landscape of national cyber perimeters an objective quality measurement based on the actual status of public websites in that perimeter is defined as a security score for that country’s perimeter. In order to define an objective quality metric, the security score, a list of key performance indicators are highlighted which will result in the components of the aforementioned security score.

Cybersecurity global index data and analytically based as of 25/10/2022

A higher security score means that the national perimeter of a country has more of its services in the country, for example the public IP addresses of the websites are in the country, and that the perimeter of the country is probably better equipped at managing the risk of cyber attacks. The same methodology can be applied to single websites or categories of websites, in this case the distinction has been made using country segmentation of the cyber perimeters.