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Part 4 – The Hikvision video cloud backend worst case scenario for private consumers

In part 1 the security cameras analisys was introduced.

In part 2 the technical details of the connection between the camera and the cloud were shown.

In part 3 the manufacturer of the camera was discussed.

Part 4 goes over some of the functionality that versions of the cloud backend can use to analyse the video data feeds.

The video cloud backend for the EZVIZ/HikVision in home security camera is the intelligent video management server (iVMS) software. The video management software as shown is composed of different units, like video storage, video information extraction analysis, etc. If the system includes the Face Management Server (FMS), or the Traffic Device Access Server (TDA), or AI Person detection, then there is an aspect of facial recognition and identification in the camera and “View from Anywhere” managed cloud system, used for wireless security cameras.

As per the user manual of the FMS in the context of the traffic management service the system working in orchestration with the different units can also be used to perform face detection against a list of blacklisted images, raise traffic violations and other alarms. It is important to say that we don’t know for sure which version of the video backend is being used, meaning it could very well be this version with these features or another one without.

The iVMS platform can be used legally to find and catch criminals or terrorists, or rogue vehicles yet it should be clear whether off the shelf commercially available security cameras video feeds with remote cloud backends are used for this purpose.

Public market

In the public/urban market surveillance cameras are deployed in the order of hunderds and tend to cover these areas:

Face Recognition Terminals Hikvision planning example

The following screenshots are from a iVMS-8600 traffic management user manual used as cloud backend for systems.

Private/SME/Local market

Other than for large public enterprises, security camera system and video camera control software with violations and face identification capabilities exists for private households/groups, small to medium sized businesses and local public operators.

Also iVMS-4200 Hikvision have DeepInView or deep learning with specific face and vehicle recognition and identification capabilities from a Face Picture Library.

Such video management system are also known by product name Axiom Hub.

The hub has these different components all working in orchestration and AI powered, in terms of recognition of faces, movements and other environment signals:

Surveillance system Axiom hub / iVMS 4200 by Hikvision

The iVMS-8600 traffic and people surveillance software is used also – but not limited to – generally these camera models:

Price is less or much less than 1000 Euros per security camera piece as sold in Italy online.

Vehicle, crowd control and face search

The platform iVMS, used in its public monitoring version has predefined sets of functions to carry out vehicle monitoring, crowd control and face identification from a blacklist.

A non-comprehensive list of alarms supported by the video survaillence platforms:

Hikvision/EZVIZ iVMS software alarm scenarios

License plates and cars identification and driving monitoring:

License plate and vehicle type, color and direction and location comprehensive search in Hikvision iVMS system.

Identifying a stolen car:

Identifying stolen cars with the Hikvision iVMS system

Car search by license plate:

Car search iVMS functionality

Identifying the driving pattern and locations driven to for a specific car:

User manual for iVMS system of connected cameras for car identification and driving pattern analysis

Another important functionality of the iVMS software is face detection and search, also according to gender, age, location and whether s/he is wearing glasses:

Face identification functionality in iVSM software from Hikvision

Further facial identification search examples:

Search person by time period, location, gender, whether the person is wearing glasses and age group.

Searching for faces through a network of cameras via the Hikvision iVSM software:

Facial identification search service component for Hikvision iVMS video cloud management software
Search by face using the iVSM software

All the screenshots are taken from official Hikvision iVSM user manual and are used here for educational and research purposes.

The HikVision’s iVMS 8600 user manual.

It should be required by the law in Italy and the EU that manufacturers list clearly where video feed of the users goes.

The cloud servers with users data from cameras located in Italy should be in Hikvision ItalyVia Abruzzo12 Z.I. San Giacomo di Veglia 31020 Vittorio Veneto (TV).

No video content or metadata should leave the Hikvision Italy premises cloud backend from the point of view of storage or analysis, without oversight.